Dr. Haidar Cooremans

Founder and medical director of the clinic
Graduated in Medicine, Surgery and Childbirth

Dr. H. Cooremans of Belgian-Lebanese origin is the founder and medical director of the leading youth clinic IUVENTU.

He was one of the first advanced cosmetic practitioners in Brussels and is now one of the most respected doctors in the aesthetics industry, with over 25 years of experience in non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures.


Graduated in Medicine, Surgery and Childbirth in 1995 at UCL, with doctor of medicine and certified in 1996 by the medical school accreditation Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) in the USA in his early years he worked as local GP and EMD (Emergency Medical Doctor). It allowed him to get in touch with his patients expectations and developed a passion about making them feel good about themselves.

In 1998 Dr. Cooremans fell in love with the artful science of aesthetic and its innovative techniques. He enrolled for post-graduate studies while continuing working as a generalist before training as a cosmetic medical practitioner.

In 2013, IUVENTU clinic was founded in Brussels, after which he decided to practice exclusively as a qualified cosmetic doctor.


Dr. Cooremans was accredited by "Ordre des Médecins" of Belgium (N°18753662003). He is also An Active Member Of:

He has attended numerous international conferences, workshops and courses on a regular basis in the field and advises numerous patients with expertise.

Dr. Cooremans has a reputation for excellence and exceptional patient care; his main principle as he always says: "To me, successful aesthetic procedures strike the perfect balance between safe medical foundations and the patients' aesthetic expectations".

Iuventu Clinic

IUVENTU was the first clinic in Brussels to offer breakthrough technologies such as MD Codes, Easy-Lift, COOLSCULPTING, NIL, PLEXR, HIFU, VAMPIRE, PRP and P. Shot (www.priapusshot.com)... Furthermore Dr. Cooremans created and launched IUVENTU-TRIADE (2016) and the IUVENTU-LIFT (2019).

He is also a certified trainer doctor for Non-Resorbable Threads (Spring Thread/Easy-Lift).

Soon, IUVENTU Clinic Ibiza is scheduled to open its doors.