Priapus-Shot® (P-Shot®)

The PRIAPUS-Shot® is for men who want to improve their SEXUAL PERFORMANCE. Did you know that? More than 50% of men over 50 years old in Belgium suffer from E.D. (erectile dysfunction)!

I am Dr. Haidar Cooremans, proud to be the first Belgian doctor to have the patent for this technique, and hence able to use the P-Shot® technique and treatment in Belgium since October 2018: P.Shot® = Standardized and patented penile rejuvenation with your own blood (P.R.P.)

The P.Shot® is indicated for:

men who wish to reduce or even halt the use of "erectile drugs" (Viagra, Tadalafil...) for various reasons

to relieve Peyronie's disease

erectile dysfunction after surgery, following an adenoma or prostate cancer

diabetics, smokers, chronic wine alcohol drinkers, etc.



If you decide to benefit from this new intervention WITHOUT RISKS, this is what will happen during the intervention (duration=1 hour):

1. A powerful anesthetic cream is applied to the penis in order to put it to sleep.

2. During this time, a blood sample is taken from your arm.

3. Your blood will be put in the MAGELLAN centrifuge in order to extract the P.R.P. (the Magellan is the only centrifuge approved by the F.D.A.). (disposable kits) and which extracts 4 to 5 x more P.R.P. than a standard centrifuge!

4. The platelets will be transferred to another tube containing drops of calcium hydrochloride in order to "lure" the platelets, which react as if they were present in the organism and that the organism was damaged.

5. The platelets then release their natural growth hormone into the tube.

6. The content of the tube is injected into the penis using a syringe and a standardized 5-point mini-needle, in order to correctly redistribute the natural growth hormone.

7. After disinfection, you will receive a pump to keep the penis congested for 10 minutes.

8. The beneficial effects will begin 3 weeks to 3 months after the treatment.


The first enemy of the erection is TOBACCO; when a patient who smokes comes to my office, I put all possible effort in helping the patient overcome the addiction (nicotine). The second enemy of erection and libido is ALCOHOL: this is a drug that may increase your sexual appetite but which, in the long run, interferes with your libido and erections. Unfortunately, these 2 drugs are trivialized, even "normalized", in our society! It's time for you to reflect on this and bring about change...


HOW DO WE INJECT? Directly and with a standardized and patented technique, into the corpus cavernosum and the head of the penis using a very small needle!

DOES IT HURT? 30 minutes before the injection, I apply a topical cream to put the penis to sleep; this is painless! While the cream puts the penis to sleep, I take the blood sample and prepare the P.R.P.

AND THE RISKS? NONE, except for a few possible small bruises as after any injection under the skin. Hopefully you are not one of the 10% of patients who do not respond to the treatment.

And when will I be allowed to engage in sexual activity? The next day!

Can it enlarge my penis? Yes, it can ! 10 to 20 % in width at first, since 10 ml of liquid is still injected into the penile body; then possible in length after several P.R.P. sessions spaced 6 months apart.