Non-absorbable tensor threads

More indicated for patients over 50, with loss of the oval of the face (jowls, neck...).

The Spring Thread is an innovative product characterized by:

1. More security
The medical grade polyester and silicone used are perfectly biocompatible materials. Established for over 50 years, they are stable and inert.

2. Longer duration
Spring thread is composed of flexible and elastic pins that follow muscle movements without risk of breaking for a period of up to 5 years.

Spring Thread® tensioning thread

It is the reference today for the indications of correction of light to moderate ptosis and recovery of the oval of the face. Personally I appreciate this permanent elastic thread: more solid, more durable and therefore more effective.

1. What effect can I expect?
A push-up effect, for jowls already present and a nasolabial fold sufficiently marked so that the fillers will no longer be sufficient. New generation tensioning thread: permanent, flexible and elastic to respect the tissues. Spring Thread® is a product 100% designed and manufactured in France since 2007, CE guaranteed and meeting the strict requirements of the ISO13485 standard.

2. Concretely, what is Spring Thread® tensioning thread?
It is a spiked thread introduced into the subcutaneous adipose tissue in order to correct sagging. The intervention is performed under local anesthesia, without hospitalization.

The insertion procedure is simple, it is performed at the IUVENTU clinic under local anesthesia. A control visit within 8 days will check the grip and correct the installation if necessary by removing a few pins. Beyond 8 days, fibrosis sets in and the tissue support process is initiated.

Unique to Spring Thread®, the many rounded "Soft & Strong" spikes (24 / cm) are non-aggressive and oriented in the 4 directions of space. They allow a grip that is both effective and non-traumatic for the tissues.

The flexibility offers ease of installation and better assimilation of the product into the fabrics (compared to a more rigid yarn) There is no risk of extrusion and the result is extremely natural.

Elasticity is fundamental: it allows the thread to follow muscle movements, it distributes the tension along the entire length of the thread.

3. In conclusion
Spring Thread® is the aesthetic solution by tensioning thread which allows an effective fixation, without pain, comfortable to pose for a natural and long-lasting result (5 years and +).