Titre Lip-Glam

There are as many different mouths as there are women

We only become experts in our field once we demonstrate sensitivity, passion and perfectionism.

The Lip-Glam is a new 3 step concept

Step 1. The doctor injects an appropriate hyaluronic acid into the lips to naturally plump them, redefine the contours and/or give volume, as appropriate.


Step 2. Dermo-pigmentation (phase 1)


Step 3. Dermo-pigmentation (phase 2)

Each stage is spaced out by +/- 3 weeks.

What is dermo-pigmentation?

The concept to a certain point, similar to having a tattoo. It consists of injecting bioresorbable pigments, and pigmenting the skin superficially, between the dermis and the granular layers. The technique therefore consists of implanting pigments using tiny dermograph needles. The effect is expected to last 1 to 3 years.

What is the effect?

Define outlines


Correct a slight asymmetry


Neutralise cold mouths (gray, blue)


Very natural look

We make sure the natural shape is retained so the semi-permanent make-up remains imperceptible to others.

Why is the 2nd phase necessary?

After the first phase, up to 70% of the treatment may fade as the body activates its defense mechanism, therefore the final result is only visible after the second phase.

How does the healing process evolve?

30% of the result is visible after the first session.
70% of the result is visible after the second phase.

Day (1-3) : Very dark

Day (4-10) : Risk of desquamation

Day (11-28) : no color/shape

Day (29-35) : light color

Day (36-50) : more visible color and shape

What should I do before and after the treatment?

Before treatment

Do not take blood thinners

Avoid alcohol

It is recommended to exfoliate your lips one day prior to the treatment

If you are prone to cold sores (even if it has happened once in your life) it is strongly recommended to take medication 3 days before and 3 days after receiving the treatment (Aciclovir under medical prescription)

The days following the treatment

Do not hesitate to apply lip balm to promote its elasticity

No lip makeup

No sauna, hammam or swimming pool

Avoid sun and UV (in case of exposure, apply SPF 50 sun protection)

Are there any contraindications?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women

A local infection